IMPORTANT INFORMATION: as of Jan 19, 2020 Version TY2019.1.10)
(1)Nelson's line 15 has been changed to Refledct the new laws on Tuition and Fees.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: as of Jan 14, 2020 Version TY2019.1.9)
(1) Oregon State Returns values for Lines 37/42 have been updated to reflect that TSO is now calculating the Kicker correctly.
(2)Nelson's line 22 has been changed to reflect that TSO has incorporated the new tax laws on Tuition and Fees.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: as of Jan 4, 2020 Version TY2019.1.7)
(1) NELSON is no longer required. Because of the constant changes to TSO as a result of extenders, Nelson is no longer required. We will continue to update Nelson's values as the software hones in on encompassing all of the extenders. However, NELSON IS NOW OPTIONAL for both Federal and State.
(2) Values for Oregon Parsons have been updated.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: as of Jan 3, 2020 (Version TY2019.1.6)
(1) Congress passed extenders that were incorporated into TaxSlayer on Jan 2. These extenders affected the values on the Nelson Return. (Medical deduction floor on Schedule A reinstated to 7.5%). If you completed NELSON before Jan 2, you will have new values for: Taxable Income, Total Payments and Refund. The return will automatically be recalculated with the new values when you open the return.
(2) OREGON return is now live.
(3) Tution and Fees adjustement was reinstated in the Extender bill but has not been made a part of the TaxSlayer Oregon return. When TaxSlayer incorporates this we will release a new version of this checker as that will affect the values in the Nelson Oregon return.

Use this page to both check your answers on the proficiency returns and to document your results for your DC.

Enter your answers into the table below. Results will appear immediately below the value after you hit Enter or Tab. The Results tell you if your value is Too Low, or Correct or Too High.

If the Results contain     ℹ  , click on the colored Result and you will see a tip related to the that case and line. Clicking in the Results area will display a generic tip if   ℹ   is not part of the Result message.

When you have completed all 3 required federal tests and the 1 required state tests, print this form with your name and district to either a pdf or to paper and send it to your district coordinator.

Preparer's Name District

Federal Return

z z z
z z z
x) $ $ $ $
x $ $ $ $
Form 1040 Line 10
Total Payments $ $ $ $
Form 1040 Line 18
Refund/Balance Due $ $ $ $
Form 1040 Line 20a/22

Oregon State Return

z z z
z z z
x) $ $ $ $
x $ $ $ $
z $ $ $ $

Click on this link to access the Proficiency Document TY2019 Oregon Federal and State Proficiency Returns

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