Oregon Retirement Income Credit (Code 811) Calculator

The system starts with filing status of MFJ and neither taxpayer or spouse being 62 or older. Select the correct filing status and then answer the 62 or older question to remove the error message. The credit is not refundable, nor can it be carried forward.

Taxpayer's Retirement Information Worksheet
Taxpayer's Name:
*Tax Year
*Filing Status MFJ Other
Is TP and/or SP 62 or Older? Both TP Only SP Only Neither
Is TP 62 or Older? Yes No
*Taxpayer's Oregon residency status? Full Year Part Year Non Resident
Total Social Security benefits -Form 1040 Line 5a
Taxable Social Security benefits -Form 1040 Line 5a
Pension Information
Total Pension Amount -Form 1040 Line 4a
Taxpayer's Portion of the Above Amount (in $)
Spouse's Portion is Calculated.
Taxpayer Pension Amount - Portion of Form 1040 Line 4b
Percent of Taxable Pension Available for Credit 100 %

Retirement Income Credit Worksheet
line 1 STOP: Taxpayer is not eligible
line 2 Enter Federal Pension Subtraction (Code 307). Use Oregon Federal Employee Calculator to determine this subtraction.
line 3 Net applicable Oregon taxable pension
line 4 Social Security ceiling
line 5 Total Social Security Benefits Form 1040 Line 5a
line 6 Unused SS available for credit (Line4 - Line5)
line 7 Household income from Household Income Worksheet
line 8 Household income base
line 9 Household income over base (Line7 - Line8)
line 10 (Line6 - Line 9)
line 11 Base for credit calculation (Smaller of Line10 and Line3)
line 12 Retirement Income Credit (code 811)
Enter on Oregon Credits worksheet
Household Income Worksheet
See OR 17 Appendix for a list of all items
*Federal AGI from line 37, Form 1040
Additions to Household Income NOT included in AGI:
Non taxable interest
Non taxable dividends
Scholarships not included in income
Insurance payments in excess of reimbursed
expenses less attorneys' fees
Gifts and grants less $500
Non taxable military and veterans benefits
Capital loss, if any, on line 13
of form 1040 in excess of $1,000
Non Taxable Disablity Payments including SSI
Non Taxable Lottery Winnings
Tier 2 Railroad Retirement (Oregon Code 330)
TANF-Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Other Non Taxable Items. See Appendix OR 17.
Use Scratch Pad Tool to document
Subtractions from Household Income:
Taxable portion of Social Security and Tier 1
Railroad Retirement income (line 20b of 1040)
Oregon state income tax refund included in AGI
Household income for Retirement Income Credit

  1. Complete top portion of the Taxpayer's Retirement Information Worksheet. Completing this information will test whether the taxpayer is eligible for the credit. Ineligible/disqualifying messages appear after this worksheet and before the income worksheets. The calculator starts with neither the taxpayer nor spouse being 62 or over. If a disqualifying message appears, print the page and give to the taxpayer.

  2. Fill out the Pension Information section. If you have selected part year or non-resident, you will have to calculate the Oregon portion of the Total Pension shown on the 1040. (This may be available is TSO but the state was not available at the time this was published.) If the filing status is MFJ and either the TP or SP is under 62, you will have to calculate the taxpayer's portion, in dollars, of the Total Pension amount. The spouse's portion is calculated by subtraction. The system will use this percentage to carry over the appropriate amount of taxable pension that qualifies for the credit.

  3. If all pre-qualification tests are met, Complete the Worksheets and Click the calculate button. This may generate additional disqualification alerts.

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