Cost of Keeping Up a Home Calculator

Fair Market Rental Value can be substituted for the actual cost of Property Taxes, Mortgage Interest Expenses and Property Insurance per IRB 2017-7. If amending a prior return reference this in the explanation.
[The above information is from NTTC revision of 2018 Pub 4012 dated 12/1/2018 page B-8.]

Choose which type of cost of housing the Taxpayer wishes to use. The calculator will enable and disable the appropriate fields.
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  1. Costs to include. Include in the cost of keeping up a home: expenses such as rent, mortgage interest, real estate taxes, insurance on the home, repairs, utilities, and food eaten in the home. Taxpayer may choose to use Fair Market Rental Value instead of mortgage interest, real estate taxes and insurance on the home.

  2. Payments the taxpayer received under Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or other public assistance programs to pay part of the cost of keeping up the home, cannot be counted as money paid by Taxpayer but must be included in the total cost of keeping up the home.

  3. Costs not to include. Do not include the cost of clothing, education, medical treatment, vacations, life insurance, or transportation. Also, do not include the rental value of a home if the Taxpayer owns the home; however, rental expenses for the home site, etc. can be included.