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Important Dates:

  • TY 2018 Practice Lab federal software available – Now!
  • TY 2018 TaxSlayer software stress test – 11/15/2018 at 9:15 am PDT
  • VITA Central TY 2018 certification test portal available – TBA
  • TY 2018 Pub 6744 Test/Retest currently available on eugeneta.org – Certification TY 2018 page
  • TY 2018 Pub 6744 and Pub 4491, printed copies, will be mailed to home addresses early to mid- November depending on when DCs placed the order.
  • TY 2018 Practice Lab state (Oregon) software available – late December or early January
  • TY 2018 NTTC Workbook E-version available on  eugeneta.org – Federal Training TY 2018 page

Important! –  Archiving work in process! Please be patient.  For more information read this document Where Are Prior Tax Years Links and Documents?   Will continue to update or add links and documents for TY 2018 as they become available.